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DeskTop Ice Cream Maker.


I’m a nut for ice cream. I’d weigh 600 lbs if I let myself go. Unfortunately I’m a diabetic. Life was grim for diabetic ice cream-a-haulics until Splenda came along. The next best thing since sliced bread. Low carb bread, of course. Homemade ice cream was such a hassle. Either go with the salt and […]

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Cool Stuff from Around the Net


This is the beginning of my more or less weekly “whenever the urge hits” compilation of cool things that I’ve found while prowling the net. Useless but fun FLASH toy. A useless but fun way to eat up a few billion CPU cycles. Hottest Temperature in the Universe – Whew! Get out the suntan lotion. […]

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Today the utility right-of-way tree trimmers came to town and brought along this thing called the Jirraff. After seeing it operate, I can certainly understand the name. This gadget eliminates most of the labor associated with tree-trimming. No climbing, no chainsawing and mostly no bucket-trucks.

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Catz are Nutz


After many years of careful observation, I’ve finally gathered proof-positive that cats are stark raving nucking futz. Or a lot smarter than we are. Or both. As conclusive evidence, I present Exhibit A: Now this looks like a common ordinary can of chili and a dirty bowl. Well yeah, I guess it is. But it’s […]

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