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I have seen the Future


There are some public domain electronic books that I’m going to host on my website. They’re very good and rather than leech bandwidth from their original sources, I transferred them to my site. How to do that was the question, as I’m stuck on dial-up and a couple of the books are over 100mb! Then […]

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It’s after midnight and I’m sitting here on my front porch watching a gentle spring rain, Bob (the cat, you filthy-minded thing) in my lap and a cup of coffee by my side… OKOKOK, enough gloating about my semi-retirement…. Since I’ve moved to my cabin here in the wonderful Tellico Mountains I’ve had that, to […]

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Brake Specific Fuel Consumpiton and Listeroid Slow Speed Diesels


On the group today this topic arose. I started a reply, ended up researching things a bit more, doing some math and decided that a blog entry was necessary. I learned a few things in the process. First off, what we’re talking about. The Listeroid engine, here built into a very nice genset by […]

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Ubuntu on the Desktop?


John discusses the issues that confront putting Linux of any flavor on the desktop.

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