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It Always Happens at Night – Part Deux


I’ve returned home from my trip, finished the repair of The Enemy and now have a few more interesting photos to display. I did get quite a shock while in town. A jug of R22 now costs over $200!!! Outrageous. It wasn’t that long ago that a jug cost only about $20. Anyway Here is […]

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AVS Bus Salvage


Advanced Vehicle Systems (AVS) was a company set up in Chattanooga, TN by some wealthy folks to glom onto some juicy government money and in the process make the more gullible folks think that they were saving the environment (sic). When the corporate welfare, er, grant money ran out, they closed their doors and went […]

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It Always Happens At Night


Trouble, that is. Murphy is surely a vampire! Murphy never sleeps patiently through the night, punches the time clock at 8AM on a weekday and then goes about his mischief. Nooooo… He has to work at night. Even better, on a Friday night when repair parts won’t be available for days. Murphy is particularly fond […]

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