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Nikon Coolpix 995 Macro demo

As you can tell from the home page of this blog, I have a web page that long pre-dates this blog (can I say blog anymore times in a single sentence in a blog?) :-)

I continue to face the dilemma of where to put stuff. I don’t like to scatter things around but the problem is, while a blog is probably the best way to present new stuff, it is NOT the best way to store and retrieve articles of lasting value.


For the time being, I’m going to continue to write article that may not have all that long a shelf life and put them here. I’ll write articles that, IMO, have enduring value on my web page and post a pointer from here. Such as in this case.

Tonight I did a review and demo of a fairly old digicam that has an exceptional macro (close-up) capability. Better than any new camera that I’ve seen that isn’t a DSLR and doesn’t require a few $large to buy and equip with lenses. Here’s the article.

http://www.neon-john.com/Photography/Macro/Macro_Home.htm [1]

Enjoy. And please let me know if you have a strong opinion one way or the other on my posting architecture.

This is another experiment. This is going to be the first post that I publish directly from the BlogDesk blogging software package. Normally I upload the article from here, proof it and then set it free into the blogosphere from the WordPress interface. I do it that way because the WordPress editing and writing interface sucks bilgewater so badly.  Most of the problem is related to the nature of web-based applications.

The net is slow tonight and I’m tired so I’m steppin’ waaaay out on a limb. If it looks like crap, well, better luck next time :-)


PS: I couldn’t do it.  Blogdesk’s spelling checker is so crappy that it missed things that I’m used to WordPress’s check-on-the-fly catching.  The article looked like sh*t so I fixed it and I’m now writing from the WordPress editor. *sigh*

I’m STILL looking for some software that will make writing a blog entry as easy and simple and reliable as writing and sending an email.