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The Little Generator that could – Part Deux


In response to my first article about little generators, specifically the little $100 ChiCom Special, Mike Hendrix asked the following When I plugged my motorhome in to it I notice that my circuit tester says the Neutral & hot wires are crossed. Do you think I should disassemble and switch the connections on the output […]

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Merry Christmas from My Family to Yours


Our little family wishes you the very best this Christmas season. May yours be as good as ours. Jake Sez: Life is good. Hope yours is as good as mine.  Hopin’ you’re having a Happy Puddy Christmas. John says that I have to take time out from my trashin’ to wish you a merry Christmas. […]

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The Generator that Could


There’s been quite a bit of discussion about small generators in several Usenet newsgroups of recent. These two little generators have been the focus of most of the the discussion. At the top  we have the Universal ChiCom 1000 watt 2-stroke generator, here represented the one sold by Northern tools who supplied the photo. This […]

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