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Jake the Great


I just had to share this striking photo of my #2 boss, Jake.  He was sitting in my lap, the snow-light streaming in through the picture window was just perfect and I managed to get to my camera without him moving.  This photo is so fresh the digital developer isn’t dry yet :-)  Click for […]

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Why I hate Heat Pumps


Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement but when something fails by design when you really need it, it tends to foment hate and discontent. This morning I woke up and something didn’t seem quite right.  I looked at my projection weather station image on the ceiling and noted that it was 7 degrees […]

Posted by neonjohn on January 21st, 2009 under HVAC, Tellico | 6 Comments »

The Linux Chronicles – Day 4 and 5


Frustration Central These have been two extremely frustrating days.  I’ve focused mostly on one thing – getting web editing software up and running so that I can edit my website.  Kind of a core functionality.  I’m dismayed and confused by the sorry state of web site management under Ubuntu. Notice I said web site management […]

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The Linux Chronicles – Day 3b – the Palm Saga


I rely heavily on my Handspring Visor because my memory is about as good as Bill Clinton’s morals – nonexistent.  Therefore getting my Palm desktop back up and running was a major priority.  As with the rest of the system, I give priority to native Linux applications before I start looking at WINEing winders apps.  […]

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