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Using the Induction Heater – Plumbing


Every plumber and most anyone who has done much handyman work has run into that crufty old galvanized steel pipe that needs to be removed that just won’t come loose. The old pipe dope has set up hard as a rock and rust has made its contribution to the problem. Traditionally, one would drag out […]

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Brotherly love.


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my two grand house-mates, Fred and Jake. I saw something a few nights ago that just had to be written about. First an introduction. The gorgeous blond on the left is Fred while his brother Jake is on the right. As you can tell, they’re quite fond of […]

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Using the Induction Heater – Process Heat


Process heating is heating a material or device while that material is being processed. The process might be simple heating, melting or more complex tasks such as polymerization. While induction heating doesn’t spring to mind as the first choice in process heating – resistance heaters are usually used – it should. Resistance heating has several […]

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