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Fukushima Update 03/27/11


Enough things have happened at the plant that I thought it time for an update. The good news is that power has been restored to Units 1,2 and 3. Work on 4 is still underway. Since 4 was defueled at the time of the shake, there is no particular rush to get that one powered […]

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Post Fukushima – What next?


With the emergency at Fukushima being essentially over, I think that it’s time to think about the future of nuclear power, especially in the US. My perception is that the reaction of the citizen on the street is much different this time than it was for TMI. For one thing, in the 30 years since […]

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Fukushima Update 03/19/11


Progress is Normal Progress in restoring normal cooling to units 1, 2, and 3 are progressing normally. Meanwhile the portable seawater pumps are doing their jobs and cooling the three reactor. The combination of fire trucks and a robot have been applying water to the #4 spent fuel pit in adequate quantities. Electric power should […]

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Fukushima update


Part of the fun of this reading-between-the-lines and informed speculation business is seeing how right or wrong one is as hard facts start coming out. One of my speculations, that the HPSI pumps didn’t start was wrong. The utility has supplied the IAEA with official INES notices of the events and these contain some hard […]

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