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Lies, Damned Lies and PhDs


Today the Japanese government announced that because of “malicious rumors” and “false reports”, they were to begin censoring the news from Fukushima. This is tragic in that the free and open supply of information has made it possible for analysts such as myself to discern what is really going on there. Unfortunately a rotten apple […]

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Fukushima – The High Cost of the LNT Theory


The antiquated Linear, No-Threshold theory of radiation effects upon which current radiation protection is based is having a very high cost, both to humans and animals in the Fukushima exclusion zone. If you’re new to my blog, please read this article before proceeding. To recap, the LNT theory says that a low dose of radiation […]

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Fukushima – The Robots


Today TEPCO released a series of videos taken by the iRobots. Unfortunately instead of providing the raw video, they supplied video from someone cam-cordering the control console screen. The quality is fairly poor. Still there is a lot to learn from the vids. Two things immediately caught my attention. One, how ineffective the robots are […]

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Fukushima Stabilization Plan


On Sunday TEPCO released a rather ambitious plan for stabilization of the three reactors and the #4 spent fuel pit. The presentation by the utility is quite dense so let’s take a detailed look at it. The immediate plans involve shoring up the existing temporary reactor cooling systems and gaining control of the radioactive wastewater […]

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