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That Worthless UL Label


If you’re a “Boomer” like me, you were probably raised up to respect that UL or “Underwriter’s Laboratory” label on electrical stuff. I still remember the ads on TV. The label really meant something too. UL started out as an independent testing laboratory funded by the insurance companies to test boiler safety valves and related […]

Posted by neonjohn on November 24th, 2008 under Current Events, Philosophy, Product Reviews, Science | 5 Comments »

Towel-Head Smackdown


This has to be the best video clip yet to come out of Iraq. A towel-head with an RPG steps out into the road with his buddies cheering him on to fire on the Americans located off to the left. An American GI with a .50 BMG machine gun is quicker on the draw. The […]

Posted by neonjohn on August 25th, 2008 under Current Events | 3 Comments »

Dutch Solutions to US Problems?


It seems like every day some European “expert” proposes that the US adopt his or her country’s policies as the solution to transportation or energy or other problems that the US faces. More and more as I travel around the net, I see such advice coming from the Dutch. Seems like they have an awful […]

Posted by neonjohn on July 20th, 2008 under Current Events, Philosophy | 1 Comment »

Just Say No to the Gate Gestapo


I’m not one of those people who rabidly hates Wal-Mart and other big box stores. I don’t like the experience but they’re a fact of life. I usually wear headphones and listen to an audio book so that I don’t have to listen to the toothless trash prattle on about their miserable lives but other […]

Posted by neonjohn on April 15th, 2008 under Current Events, Philosophy | 1 Comment »