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Fukushima is a Success


Fukushima simply worked and is still working. With 3 reactor buildings laying in ruins and a dry spent fuel pit, that may seem like a strange statement to make but bear with me and I’ll back it up. The media likes to refer to what happened at the plant as a disaster. To me it’s […]

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Fukushima Update 04/06/2011


First off, my apologies for being off-line for several days. Sometimes you just hit writer’s block. Stunningly Good Photos Back on March 30th, TEPCO hired an sUAV (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) company to fly a small radio-controlled and camera equipped model plane over the site. The photos that they have released are stunning. They can […]

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Fukushima – Of course they found plutonium!


The headlines have been screaming for the last day or two that plutonium was found on the ground outside the facility. Well duh! Plutonium is everywhere, compliments of ours and Russia’s atmospheric bomb testing. I can go into the woods behind my cabin where the earth hasn’t been disturbed for probably 100 years and find […]

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Fukushima Update 03/27/11


Enough things have happened at the plant that I thought it time for an update. The good news is that power has been restored to Units 1,2 and 3. Work on 4 is still underway. Since 4 was defueled at the time of the shake, there is no particular rush to get that one powered […]

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