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A Visit to our Motorhome

Today I paid a visit to our motorhome where it is parked at the wrecker service.  I had no idea the damage was so severe.  Following are some photos of the damage.  The interior shots show just how shoddily stick-built RVs are constructed.

Amazing what damage a small, probably less than 1800 lb car can do when it impacts at high speed.


Front End Damage.


front end damage from another angle


Looking inside the rig through the side door.

Dinette Damage

Where the dinette used to be


More left side damage


detail showing the shoddy construction methods used


A view from front to back


more damage from where the dinette was supposed to be


What was visible when I opened the side door

right rear corner

Right rear corner damage

storage compartment

showing the damage to the rear storage compartment and right rear corner