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Hi, my name is John DeArmond and I’m a flashahaulic. Or lightahaulic. Or something like that because I’m attracted like a moth to things that give off light, especially lots of light. Recently I decided to solve a problem that has been getting worse with diabetes and age – the ability to resolve fine detail. […]

Posted by neonjohn on January 27th, 2013 under Flashahaulism | 9 Comments »

Eye Fluorescence


Recently on the neon mailing list the topic of eye fluorescence came up. That is, the glow one can see in the eye that’s being illuminated with UVA, AKA Black Light. There was some question as to whether the effect even happened or not. Having had a typical Boomer teenager’s bedroom, that is, one flooded […]

Posted by neonjohn on July 14th, 2008 under Cool Stuff, Science | 2 Comments »


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