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The Linux Chronicles – Day 3a


Whew, what a day.  This will be a two part post because I have so much ground to cover.  What an eventful day.  I had my first “guru moments” (roadblocks that require guru knowledge) and I spent a LOT of time, almost 8 hours, getting my Palm Pilot (Actually Handspring Visor – still superior) to […]

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The Linux Chronicles – Day 2


Today was spent mostly on getting Agent to run under Wine.  This is an Agent problem and not a Linux one.  Agent installs itself in different places and in different ways, depending on whether you have done a virgin install or have upgraded.  I’ve been with Agent for years so the install architecture on my […]

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The Linux Chronicles


For years the Linux zealots have said that it can replace GatesWare on the desktop. Up to now, they were either crazy or smoking something really good! However I believe that the time has finally arrived. To test that notion, I’m going to prove or disprove the theory that: An ordinary users of modest computer […]

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Tele-Slime Beware


The attached letter was in my mailbox last week. (click on the image to view full size) It warms my cockles. Tennessee has one of the strongest anti-telemarketing laws in the nation, far stronger than the national one. TN actually takes police action against teleslime, fining them $500 for each violation. As can be seen […]

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