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05/30/07 Houston, we have liftoff!

Hi, you’ve reached the (soon to be) world famous blog of John DeArmond, also known as Neon John. I’m a hillbilly nerd and a redneck polymath with wide and varied interests. I hope I can write something to interest you. If not, well read it anyway. It might larn ya somethin’!

I’m semi-retired now and living in my cabin in the most beautiful place on earth, Tellico Plains, TN. For a writer looking for stories, this is a “target rich environment” . I daily suffer Beauty Overload.

Oh, be sure to spend a few hours prowling my web site, You can find over 20 years’ worth of my Usenet writings as well as from some mailing lists at The Yarchive. Finally, catch me on Usenet in the rec.outdoors.rv-travel (RORT), misc.rural, and alt.crafts.blacksmithing.


05/31/07 Decorum

Though I’m new to blogging, I’m an old hand on the net, being active back before there WAS an internet. While I’m interested in lively discussion about things I write about, I will not tolerate flame wars, drive-by flames or anonymous comment spamming. If you want such an environment then go somewhere else. We’re all adults so let’s act like adults. And by all means, have fun.

01/01/09 Contacting me

If you want to contact me via email, go to my website and click on the “Email John” button.  Your email program will open a new message addressed to me in a spam-proof manner.

If you want to chat on the phone, email me first.  I warn you in advance that I loathe the telephone to an extent that’s probably beyond reason but that’s the way it is.  Unless there is a compelling reason to go to voice, I communicate via email.


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