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You may  use this page to subscribe yourself to my new post mailing list.  Once on this list, you will receive notification via email anytime I make a new post.   This notification is very flexible, from simple notification that a post is ready to receiving the entire post via email, HTML or plain text.  You can also choose the categories that you want to be notified about.  I suggest subscribing to all categories.  I don’t write all that much and I’m not all that careful about picking categories so you won’t get a lot fo traffic.

Anyway, Use the form below  to get started.  If you don’t see a form, that means that you’re already logged in.  Use the “profile” button to change your settings.

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When you submit your new address, a confirmation  email will be sent to that address.  Be sure to whitelist http:/  You must click on the link in that message to complete the registration.

You don’t have to be registered to use this facility but it helps.  Saves you a lot of typing and as with anything I do….


As usual, I would not dare spam you with anything you enter into my site.  I’m one of those folks who would shoot spammers if I could get away with it.  I own this site and have total control over it so no blog hosting company will ever have a chance to get at my database.




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