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New email notification added

I’ve just installed a new extension to wordpress that allows you to subscribe to a mailing list that will notify you of new posts to this blog.  You can have it your way – from a simple notification to the full article in text or HTML.  Pretty slick plugin.  Thanks to the guys at Subscribe2.

Update 01/25/08

A Big Thanks

A number of people have written to express their sympathies at my loss of Bob, my best friend who just happened to be a cat. I want to express my most humble gratitude. This has been a pretty rough period. He’d been in my life for so long.

On the bright side, my two new kids, Fred and Jake are growing up into two wonderful cats. Fred is going to be a clone of Bob I think. He looks just like Bob. They were together long enough that Fred’s picked up many of Bob’s mannerisms.

Activity Uptick

I haven’t paid this blog nearly enough attention. That’s changing. I’ve gotten some problems in my personal life resolves so now I have the time and the energy to devote to it. Stay tuned.

Update 06/07/07

Someone commented that my requiring people to register in order to comment went against my stated philosophy of not punishing the many for the sins of a few. I never thought of registering as punishment but I suppose he has a point. So be it. I’ve turned off the registration requirement. We’ll see what happens.

I still encourage you to register, as I’m trying to build a sense of community here. I’m old fashioned and prefer real names but if you must use a handle, go ahead.


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