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Privacy, Rules, etc


Privacy Of course I’m not going to violate your privacy, spam you or sell your name to white slave hunters. What kind of a blogmeister do you think I am. When you sign up to comment, I get an email with the email address you entered in the form. That’s tucked away on my laptop’s private space. The only reason I save the email address is if I need to get in touch with you privately.

To the extent that my blog is hosted on a machine not under my physical control, I can’t guarantee absolute safety of your email address. But DreamHost seems to be an upstanding outfit (or I wouldn’t be hosting there.) I have a LOT more personal info stored on their site than an email and I’m comfortable.

The reason I require you to register before posting is to put an obstacle in the path of drive-by flame-warriors. You know, the kind that hit “I feel Lucky” on Google or do a Stumble and if the comment section is fully open, drops off a flame turd, never to return.

I thought long and hard about putting any sort of obstacle on commenting – I’m a strong believer in Open Internet – but I’ve also seen what damage these malicious sorts can do.

At the same time I find this modern-day philosophy of ruining it for everyone just because an individual misbehaved abhorent. All we have to do is look at the gun-banners, the so-called “hate speech” banners, etc. to see how corrosive to social interaction that is. Rather, I want to use the least controls necessary to maintain at least a semblance of decorum. I don’t expect you to comb your hair and sit up straight in Sunday School but please, keep the references to other people’s mothers and their heritage to a minimum.

Finally, if you feel the need to make a “I don’t like what you said” post, don’t bother.  A) I could not care less and B) I’ll delete it.  That kind of crap just clutters up things.  Now if you want to debate what I said, that is, you have an opinion that you can state clearly enough to be readable, then that’s a whole ‘nuther matter.  Fire away.  If you get personal you’ll get deleted.  This is my playground, after all.  But if you can debate an issue without getting nasty or personal then you’re welcome to do so.

A few more things that you may not do.

– Tamper with pingbacks or other parts of this system for any purpose than what they’re meant for.  Particularly, you may not tamper to hide your identity.

– Hide your identity.  You may use a handle if you must, but your email address must be valid and be yours.  I randomly check.  Particularly those commentators who verge on getting nasty or personal.  If you want to do that kind of stuff then set up your own blog and spew away to your heart’s content.

– Tinker with my moniker (Neon John, Neon’s Glow).  Most likely if you do, you’re going to write something nasty which will get it deleted anyway so why bother?

– Do or say anything else that makes this a hostile environment for me or my other readers.  Disagreeing is with me or another commentator is not hostile.  Name calling and personal insults are.  You know how to behave so do it!

See that wasn’t so bad.

Thanks for bumping along across my little internet pothole,



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