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  I’m Back!!


After 4 years of neglect, the Neon John Blog is back. I’m fully retired and I have a lot to write about. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to receive notification of a new article.

Posted by neonjohn on October 28th, 2022 under Misc |
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Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. A prime definition of insanity.  The object of my current rage is the government-enabled massacre at the school in Florida.  Do you know what every mass killing in recent times has in common?  Something like this.

no gun sign

invitation to a mass murder to ‘c’mon in!

Yep, one sees these signs all over which to a psychopath, is an open invitation to come in and play.

My dear wife knew I was writing this essay and found the perfect solution in a cartoon

student protection

Rational student Protection

A picture is truly worth a thousand word.

The problem today is that we’ve raised a couple of generations of pussies.  Children (and adults) who expect the police to protect them.  The police’ charter is to enforce laws made by, well, politicians.  The cops are NOT chartered with protecting you and I, regardless of the propaganda on the sides of their cars.

The movie,  “The 15:17 to Paris” By Clint Eastwood shows how things should be.  This movie is about three soldiers who took control of and disarmed several ISIS terrorists. That is called Valor.

It hits close to home.  During WWII, the NAZIs had cut a field telephone line and then set up an ambush with two machine gun nests, about 20 infantrymen and a tank.  My father, Eben, who held the rank of Major, chose to give his men an evening off and went out to find and fix the cut.  So he loaded up his BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle),  about 80 lbs of ammo, his 80lb pack and his 40 lb Signal Corps toolkit

As soon as he got there the Krauts opened up on him.  Instead of running away like a coward, He charged the nest armed with only a BAR and a 1911 Colt .45.  He killed all of them  Victory was short lived because as soon as the shooting stopped, the tank put an 88 mm round through his right hip and then it exploded right at his feet.  How he survived the next 4 days is a story all its own.  I’ll save that for later.  The Army offered him the Medal of Honor but he turned it down, saying that he didn’t think he did enough for that award.  He did receive a silver star with “V” for Valor.

The photo was taken during Clinton’s administration.à It’s at camp Blanding where he took his advanced ground forces training.

He had me push him to that tank and asked to be left alone.  He told me later than he just wanted to sit there and validate his memories,  to see that valor and self-sacrifice still existed.  I wish he could have lived a little longer to see what modern soldiers are now doing.  They’d make him proud.

I bring this up now because as I got blind with rage at those kids running AWAY from the danger, I had to remind myself of what dad had really taught me.

Let’s get back to current events.  If a half a dozen or so students and/or teachers had been trained to assault the source of the fire, one or two might have been shot but that would have ENDED the attack.  ESPECIALLY if the teachers and responsible upperclassmen with the proper training had had firearms of their own.

Before health require me to retire, I was an NRA certified firearms instructor.  I had a lawyer come in to teach the legal aspects.  For close-in combat and self-defense training, I had a retired Ranger come in.   He would hammer home how UN-helpless one is in an encounter.  One of the drills I REALLY liked involved having a student stand outside the room.  The Ranger would position himself somewhere inside the room.  The student was instructed to come into the room and as quickly as possible take down the guy with the gun while loudly screaming at the guy which confuses the perp.

Almost everyone can win at this.  Very seldom could the Ranger get off a “shot”.  Slight men could do the drill.  So could petite ladies. The reason this works is not because of sheer strength – the Ranger was many time stronger than the student.  The student’s advantage is prior planning, speed and momentum.

If the attacker gets lucky and gets off a shot and maybe even hits the defender, the action will still give the rest of the group time to act.

Something snowflakes and maybe some not-so-snowflakes  just can’t wrap their small minds around is that when trouble strikes, NOBODY else is going to protect your safety or that of your family.  YOU are going to be the one to take care of your family and friends in a crisis.

We’ve been failing at stopping crazy men since Vietnam and the Texas tower shooting.  Since the failure rate has been 100%, maybe just maybe we ought to try something old that’s new again.  Train the employees and in the case of schools, the upperclassmen to shoot and equip them with concealed weapons.  Of course we’d have to make sure that the weapons weren’t used except when authorized but those are fine details.  I’m talking big picture now.

Once the defenses are established and the people trained, you know what would happen?  The psychopath will head somewhere else.

One of my guiding principle is John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Maybe everyone could think about THAT while the politicians and media scream for more gun control (defined in my book as hitting what you aim at).

I hope you have a great evening,

Good Night,


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  Progress in Lighting


I just got a new gadget so I decided to do some testing.


Digital light meter

Digital incident light meter

Cree retail packaging

Cree LED retail packaging

There have been several new developments in the LED lighting arena so I decided to do a comparison between my old standby the 104 watt organ tube CFL, a modern 75 watt equivalent CFL and a 100 watt equivalent Cree LED.

Here is the old standby, the 105 actual watts rated organ tube CFL (70 watt measured).

The 105 watt one that I use at my desk is the second from the right while the 200 watt CFL is what I use in my lab.

CFL sizes compared

CFL sizes compared

My test procedure is simple. Insert each lamp into a free standing socket connected to a regulated 120 volt AC source.  Allow the lamp to warm up and take a LUX light intensity reading at 1 foot.

“75 watt” CFL”


100 watt CFL

100 watt rated CFL

First we take a look at a current production spiral CFL. U Lighting of America Brand.  Spec’d at 15 watts and 0.99 PF.

Measuring CFL

Measuring CFL at 1 foot

Measuring the CFL using the LUX meter. The measured light intensity was 3440 LUX.

Organ pipe lamp

Now for the Organ Tube CFL

Same meter, same distance.  This time the intensity is a whopping 19,230 LUX.

Measuring organ tube CFL output

Measuring organ tube CFL output

LED lamp

Finally the LED lamp.  It’s output is 5810  LUX.

Measuring Cree Output


Electrical Parameters

Light output is only one of the considerations to take into account when choosing the technology.  Power consumption is a major consideration, as is power factor and heat production. Following is a table comparing the important parameters.

Lamp Intensity LUX Watts power factor Temperature LUX per watt
Organ tube CFL 19230 70 0.47 <10 deg 274.7
Standard spiral CFL 3440 13 0.95 <10 deg 264.6
Cree LED 5810 13 0.99 154 deg F 446.9

This table shows a few interesting things.  CFLs have not improved their efficacy in over 10 years.  My organ pipe lamp is around 10 years old while the standard spiral lamp was purchased for this test.  The only thing that has changed is that the power factor for the new spiral lamp is corrected to almost unity.  Power factor can be important if a lot of fixtures are on a single branch breaker.  Twice as many 0.99 PF lamps can be run on a given size breaker than can 0.50 PF.

The Cree LED looks like the clear winner.  Twice the efficacy of the CFLs.  It has the form factor of a 100 watt lamp so it’ll fit just about anywhere.

Unfortunately the fly in the ointment is the massive temperature rise.  I bought one of the LED lights to use in the bedroom with a free standing lamp that overhangs our headboard.  I reached up one night to turn off the light, hit the plastic part instead of the knob and got a pretty good burn.  Note that this lamp is operating in free air, base down – The most optimum position for cooling.  I don’t have a recessed can fixture to test the lamp in but I bet the temperature will approach 200 deg F if not more.

So I bought a second lamp just to make sure I didn’t receive an anomaly.  No, same heat.  Here is a photograph of me measuring the base temperature.

measuring Cree Temperature

Measuring the body temperature of the Cree LED

The orange tape is Kapton.  Kapton is opaque to infrared and therefore is an almost perfect emitter.  I’ve found that setting the emissivity of my infrared pyrometer to 0.95 makes the infrared reading agree with a thermocouple reading.  Please note that this is a very expensive Omega Engineering optical pyrometer and not a cheap knockoff.  It reads where the laser circle shines.

Here’s the readout

Cree Body Temperature

Temperature of the Cree LED body operating in free air.



The performance gap between LEDs and CFLs has closed enough that making a selection is not so easy.  The LED would be perfect were it not for the heat generation.  The 5000K color temperature combined with the 85% color rendering index makes this light output very pleasant, especially for reading.

The CFL has a lower color temperature, about 3500K I’d guess It is pleasant for, say, sitting around talking or enjoying a meal but to me at least, reading is more difficult.

One Last Thought

The LED lighting industry has been rife with lies, lies and more lies regarding almost all aspects of LED lighting.  Promising 50,000 or 100,000 hour lifetimes when ongoing testing at the Sign Syndicate shows significant degradation within a year, is an example.  As have been the lies regarding efficacy.  LEDs are just starting to catch up to what the industry mouthpieces were promising 10 years ago.  I’m still wary of the long life claims (Cree promises a 10 year warranty) with LEDs, especially if they are operated in environments with little ventilation.

I know from personal experience that CFLs last at least 7 years, even when fed the lousy power we have here in the mountains.  I’ve lived here for 15 years.  I installed GE brand CFLS, purchased in bulk from Sam’s shortly after I moved in.  I replaced the first one (unvented, base-up operation) at 7 years.  Its replacement is still going strong.   I’ve changed 2 our in the 8 lamp bathroom fixture.  I attribute those failures to often and rapid cycling .  I try to get everyone to turn the lights on in the morning and let them run all day.  I’ve had only moderate success.

I’m going to get some more LEDs (still high at $9 at Home Depot) and start logging some operating data but CFLs are still my go-to light source.  The one place the LED has proved invaluable has been in the shop light (trouble light).   CFLs don’t last long because of the physical abuse.  LEDs are pretty near indestructible.


Posted by neonjohn on July 28th, 2017 under Lighting, Product Reviews, Science |
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  A Visit to our Motorhome


Today I paid a visit to our motorhome where it is parked at the wrecker service.  I had no idea the damage was so severe.  Following are some photos of the damage.  The interior shots show just how shoddily stick-built RVs are constructed.

Amazing what damage a small, probably less than 1800 lb car can do when it impacts at high speed.


Front End Damage.


front end damage from another angle


Looking inside the rig through the side door.

Dinette Damage

Where the dinette used to be


More left side damage


detail showing the shoddy construction methods used


A view from front to back


more damage from where the dinette was supposed to be


What was visible when I opened the side door

right rear corner

Right rear corner damage

storage compartment

showing the damage to the rear storage compartment and right rear corner

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