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Fukushima Stabilization Plan


On Sunday TEPCO released a rather ambitious plan for stabilization of the three reactors and the #4 spent fuel pit. The presentation by the utility is quite dense so let’s take a detailed look at it. The immediate plans involve shoring up the existing temporary reactor cooling systems and gaining control of the radioactive wastewater […]

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Fukushima 04/16/2011


This post is mainly to catch up on details that need covering. That Slightly Radioactive Water That was dumped into the sea to make room for the storage of much more highly radioactive water. We now have some figures on just how radioactive that water was. “Slightly” was an understatement. They discharged a total of […]

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Fukushima 1 month later


OK, so I’m 3 days late. That’s about par for me. Besides, good things take longer! Lots of stuff to talk about. INES Level 7 It took awhile but politics are now entering the picture. I refer to the very unfortunate uprating of the Fukushima incident to Level 7, the same level as Chernobyl. This […]

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About that Radiation


Since things are settling in at Fukushima for the long haul, I thought that I’d take a moment or two and discuss the nature and effects of radiation. Lots of folks talk about radiation but few outside the industry know much about it. I want to take a moment here to congratulate TEPCO (Tokyo Electric […]

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