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Free Download Manager


A download manager can be invaluable. If you have a large number of files to download, the manager will sequence them one at a time and will resume if the connection is lost (why FireFox lacks these two vital features is beyond comprehension). This is particularly important for people like me who are stuck with […]

Posted by neonjohn on August 14th, 2008 under Computing, Product Reviews | Comment now »

WebSitePublisher – Slick Tool


Occasionally I run into a software tool that “just works”. No muss, no fuss. Just start it, tell it to do its thing and forget about it. Kinda the opposite of Microsloth products. This little bit of freeware, WebSitePublisher is just such a package. It does only one thing – shoveling bits and pieces of […]

Posted by neonjohn on January 25th, 2008 under Computing, Cool Stuff, Product Reviews | 1 Comment »

DeskTop Ice Cream Maker.


I’m a nut for ice cream. I’d weigh 600 lbs if I let myself go. Unfortunately I’m a diabetic. Life was grim for diabetic ice cream-a-haulics until Splenda came along. The next best thing since sliced bread. Low carb bread, of course. Homemade ice cream was such a hassle. Either go with the salt and […]

Posted by neonjohn on June 22nd, 2007 under BBQ and Food, Product Reviews | Comment now »

On the Road to Blog Heaven Part 3


Hosting Companies In this installment I’m going to recount my experiences with a variety of hosting companies. As I mentioned before, I was moving from GoDaddy because of the poor service and also with the goal of painless blog setup and operation. I hit a few more potholes along the way. My first look was […]

Posted by neonjohn on June 5th, 2007 under Internet, Product Reviews | Comment now »


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