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    • John DeArmond’s Discussion Forum
      Hello Guys, Welcome to my new Forum. I set this up for the discussion of my articles. The usual rules apply:
      • No ad-hominim attacks.  You may vigorously debate ideas in the manner of scientific debate but you may not attack another user.
      • Show respect to other members.
      • Keep it clean.  I'm not a prude but I don't want this to turn into a cuss-fest.
      • no spam.  Zero tolerance.
      • Democrat, leftist, woke and other lunatic ideologies are not welcome here.  Take that elsewhere.
      • No pirated material.
      • No conspiracy theories, tin foil hat topics and try to limit discussion to one of my posts.  There are other places for that kind of discussion.
      • Handles are welcome but you must use your real name and email when you sign up.  Anonymity is not welcome here.
      • No personal info will ever leave this site.  I'm a privacy warrior.
      That's it.  Have fun.
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