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It Always Happens at Night – Part Deux


I’ve returned home from my trip, finished the repair of The Enemy and now have a few more interesting photos to display. I did get quite a shock while in town. A jug of R22 now costs over $200!!! Outrageous. It wasn’t that long ago that a jug cost only about $20. Anyway Here is […]

Posted by neonjohn on June 10th, 2008 under HVAC | Comment now »

It Always Happens At Night


Trouble, that is. Murphy is surely a vampire! Murphy never sleeps patiently through the night, punches the time clock at 8AM on a weekday and then goes about his mischief. Nooooo… He has to work at night. Even better, on a Friday night when repair parts won’t be available for days. Murphy is particularly fond […]

Posted by neonjohn on June 4th, 2008 under HVAC | 4 Comments »


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