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On the Road to Blog Heaven Part 2


Hosting Companies

What are the requirements of a good hosting company? Let’s make a list:

Beyond this list of things, you should have a good feel for the company. Moving to a new hosting company is so traumatic that you don’t want to ever have to do it again. Do your homework up front and spare yourself the agony.

For each candidate company, I sent an email, usually to support, asking some simple details about the service. I tell ’em I’m prospecting for a new hosting company and need to learn a few details. I needed the answers but more importantly, I needed to see how responsive and thorough they were.

One very valuable technique is to put more than one unrelated questions in a single query. That will let you know how much attention the guy on the other end pays to your problem. If you get short answer to your first question only then the guy did as little as he could to blow you off and get to the next one. A good response will be at least a couple of sentences answering each question in turn.

One company that was otherwise quite interesting did that. Not wanting to blow them off immediately, I re-sent the message and at the top put

>>>>>> Attention: This message contains 3 questions please answer them all <<<<<<<

I still got blown off. And so did they.

Finally, price should not be much of a factor, if at all. The market is competitive enough to keep prices in line. Within that envelope of market pressure, prices vary, sometimes not very related to what you get. Choose the feature set and the comfort level that you need and only then lift the cover and look at the price. I ended up going with the most expensive company in the class (individual and small company hosting). I think I got a bargain.

In part Three (see, I’m slipping in a part. I’m the BlogMeister, I get to do do that.) I’m going to examine several companies in particular.

*Shake – A nuclear unit of time measure. About 10 nanoseconds, about how long it takes a generation of nuclear reactions to happen and about how long it takes light to travel 10 feet in a vacuum. Originating in that old slang expression, “faster than the shake of a billygoat’s tail”.

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