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ROTFLMA nerd-style


A quickie drive-by post. I just got my ever-so-often RSS feed from Randall Munroe, the cartoonist/math nerd/physicist/comic simply nails nerd humor, over and over.

Today’s comic:

electromagnetic spectrum <– Click for the original image.

Had me literally rolling on the floor, gasping for breath. OK, I’ll admit, it’s a geek/nuke/physicist thing. If you kinda sorta fit in that category then you MUST download the high res image and look at it with your favorite image viewer (mine’s Irfanview). Only when you look at the fine print do you see such jewels as the wavelength of the “Space Rays controlling Steve Balmer”.

Randal captured the pure essence of a proper life philosophy in the comic on my home page. Oh, and thanks, Randal for the Creative Commons license so I can express myself through your pen!

This is one of only two humor sites I have RSS fed, the other being DayByDay.


Posted by neonjohn on June 6th, 2007 under Cool Stuff, Funny

One Response to “ROTFLMA nerd-style”

  1. briankk Says:

    Thanks John, I’ve always wondered where the potato fell in the electromagnetic spectrum..

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