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Cool Stuff from Around the Net


This is the beginning of my more or less weekly “whenever the urge hits” compilation of cool things that I’ve found while prowling the net.

Useless but fun FLASH toy. A useless but fun way to eat up a few billion CPU cycles.

Hottest Temperature in the Universe – Whew! Get out the suntan lotion.

A DIY professional digital Camcorder – A slick job. I’d choose a slightly higher quality camera but those are minor details.

Your Age in Days – Compute your age in days. The new standard for geezerdom – 20,000 days old :-)

Ring Clock – A very slick clock done in FLASH. I generally don’t like FLASH and keep it turned off but this one is worth it. It’d almost be worth dedicating an obsolete laptop just to run this.

Fantastic Photoshopping – Animals that could have been. An amazing degree of photoshop skills. Remarkable.

Way Out There – Stuff hanging off the edge of reality. Especially the first item, the Codex Seraphinianus, an encyclopedia created by a still-living Italian artist. The problem is, he created a so-far undecipherable language to write it in. Nobody knows what it’s about.

The Librums Project – An interesting project to collect free old e-books, mostly gone wrong. The librarian has decided to charge for these books and has put them in some sort of proprietary windows-only format. Sad. The link I posted is to his small collection of PDFs, still free. I have many of these hosted on my website also.

Stupid People Doing Nothing – One of my pet peeves are the bandwidth-eating photo of “Dumb People Doing Nothing”. that seem to clutter up so many commercial sites. Go to any telecom site for an example. Invariably one or more vacuous people with faked smiles and expressions that say “I just took one up the ass but I’m still smiling.” You have to wonder what sort of brain-dead Dilbertian droid could possibly think that putting photos of the inane people on their site adds anything to the experience. Anyway, good parody site.

PASS Audio – A great DIY audio site. This guy loves good HiFi but isn’t one of those ‘phile nuts that ages his speaker cables, puts green rings around his CDs or other such foolishness. Be sure to look at the KleinHorn. I want one of those!!!

How to fail a true/false test – No, the answer isn’t always “C”. Especially on a true/false test. Duh! Wonder what this guy was smoking?

R/C Steam Rover – Six Wheel drive, steam powered, radio controlled. Some guy has way too much time on his hands. I want one!

FPGAs for FUN – OK, this is REALLY nerdy. Having fun with Field Programmable Gate Arrays. If that isn’t Greek to you then you’ll love this site.

That’s all for this week, folks.


Posted by neonjohn on June 22nd, 2007 under Cool Stuff

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