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Towel-Head Smackdown


This has to be the best video clip yet to come out of Iraq. A towel-head with an RPG steps out into the road with his buddies cheering him on to fire on the Americans located off to the left. An American GI with a .50 BMG machine gun is quicker on the draw. The results are remarkable and gratifying. I’ve extracted some frames from the video.

Tracer 01

In this frame a .50 BMG tracer round has just exited the terrorist’s back and splattered on the pavement and making the little ball of fire. This seems to distract the terrorist from his mission, for in the next few frames, he drops the RPG.

Tracer 02

In this remarkable frame, we can see another tracer round coming in from the left, leaving a faint trail of orange light. It penetrates the now highly distracted terrorist’s chest before skipping off the pavement and ricocheting away. At this point he’s starting to discover that the 72 virgins thing was a nasty little fib.

Only one in 5 rounds is a tracer and in the video you can see the work of the other invisible rounds. It all happens so fast that it’s unbelievable. He probably didn’t know what hit him which is unfortunate. A quick death is far too good for this kind of scum.

To the GI, good shooting, soldier. I’m proud of ya! If you’re a Marine, Semper Fi! Double plus good for being that alert.


Here are some pre-answers to some anticipated comments.

Q1: You called him a towelhead.
A1: Yes.. Yes I did. This a G-rated blog and that was the nicest term that I could think of.

Q2: But that’s not PC.
A2: You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a poop. (See? G-rated all the way!)

Q3: Bush has la de dah dah dah…..
A3: ibid

Q4: But that’s too harsh a punishment for a simple freedom fighter.
A4: I agree that it’s the wrong punishment. The right punishment would be to turn the whole region into a glass-lined open-pit oil well with slightly higher than normal background radiation.

Q5: You mean you’d nuke ’em?
A5: In a Nu Yawk Second.

Q6: But that’s cruel and inhuman.
A6: See A2.

Q7: General bla bla bla whining
A7: See A2.

Q8: How did you extract the frames?
A8: With a nifty freebie video recoding utility called Super. This program can transcode just about any video format without requiring external drivers, can extract the sound track from any video and can convert the video into a series of jpg frames. Unfortunately it is located on one of the most obnoxious websites on the net. You have to go through several awful screens to get to the actual download button. Worse, they’ve expended a lot of effort defeating download managers. For what reason is anyone’s guess. Combined with their flaky hosting service, it’s an all-day job to get an intact download. Worth the effort, though.

Q9: I extracted frames from that video using Super and they don’t look nearly that good. What gives?
Q9: I processed the frames using another freebie, Irfanview. I tweaked up the gamma and upped the contrast and ran a “sharpen” pass. Highly recommended tool.

Posted by neonjohn on August 25th, 2008 under Current Events

3 Responses to “Towel-Head Smackdown”

  1. Bruce Says:

    As the Marine Drill Instructor solemnly intones, “Hence the importance of cover!”

  2. RMCS Says:

    I think that was a M60 (7.62mm) or SAW (5.56mm). A .50 is slower and lower in tone and would have torn the pavement up as well as the “target”.
    Good on ya for sharing and I hope the crew that got him racked up more!

  3. Binifliesee Says:

    good resourse Anyway by sight very much it is pleasant to me

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