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Roy 3.0 Computerized Induction Heater Announced


Fluxeon® is pleased to announce the completion of its pre-production prototype of the Roy (TM) 3.0 computerized induction heater.

The Roy 3.0 Induction Heater

Designed especially for the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) market, Roy 3.0 is enclosed in a rugged and attractive extruded aluminum case. As there is no fan, operation is absolutely silent. The unit is rated at 1500 watts input, though like all good Baker’s Dozens, it is capable of a bit more.

Features include:

Operator feedback is via 4 LEDs on the front panel. They are:

The “Geiger counter” function is especially noteworthy. With most induction heaters, the operator has no feedback to inform him of how well he is coupling the electrical energy into the work or when he is approaching heater overload. This flashing LED solves both problems. It starts off flashing slowly and increases its flash rate as the output power increases. Unlike a meter, the operator can monitor this LED as he adjusts his work coil for maximum heating.

The variable power control knob is particularly handy when the rate of heating has to be controlled. Say, for instance, a small, lightweight object that could be melted if full power were applied. Or a process in which the work media must be heated only so rapidly. With the power control knob, the operator simply sets the power level desired and monitors that power level with the Geiger Counter LED.

Note also the circuit breaker. Whereas other heaters in this price class use non-user-replaceable fuses, Roy uses a resettable circuit breaker as its power switch. If the unit is overloaded and the breaker trips, one simply turns it back on to continue work.

We expect full production to start in a few weeks. If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list, please go to the Fluxeon website and register yourself or contact Garett Churchill at

Posted by neonjohn on September 28th, 2010 under Cool Stuff, Induction heating

One Response to “Roy 3.0 Computerized Induction Heater Announced”

  1. Baylink Says:

    Does it produce DHMO as a byproduct? :-)

    Apropos of nothing, you appear fairly frequently in someone’s Usenet archive at, and most recently on neighborhood nukes. What do you think of LFTRs for that service?

    I’m not a pro, but they seem to be pretty spiffy, over all…

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